About Pomona Island

A brief history and location of the place known as Pomona Island.

Pomona Island, before becoming a large working docks known as Manchester Docks was home to a community hall and botanical gardens. There are not a great deal of artifacts from the time but a few interesting pieces, one or two documents and some stories remain.  Agricultural shows & political debates were held there, and the gardens were renowned. Pomona lies at the centre of Manchester, Salford and Trafford along the Manchester Ship Canal. If you know of anything interesting please let us know and we’ll add it here.

pomona medallion
Manchester Museum has a copy of this coin in the money gallery on the 2nd floor, it can be viewed any time during opening hours.

Image from Baldwins

The docks ceased operation as a working dock in 1982 and have remained empty virtually ever since.


click for larger images

There is a lot of wonderful information on the history of Trafford and in particular detail, the Pomona Gardens in this informativc document, go to page 4 where they begin to talk about the history of Pomona, the orchards, regattas and much more including speeches by Benjamin Disraeli. There is much of Manchester’s history intertwined with Pomona

A local band whose name was inspired by Pomona explain their choice here

A 2006 BBC feature by a local man talking about his experience of the Ship Canal and the docks

An illustration of the Palace and gardens from Manchester Archives+ Flikr stream

A lot of history and lots of photos of the “Big Ditch”, aka the Manchester Ship Canal, this article has a wealth of information about the building and history of the canal and docks all the way from Liverpool to Manchester

Pomona Barge
Image taken from above article, location is outside what is now the Mark Addy

An old magazine advertisement for ventilation on the Guinness docks


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