Photo gallery

Photos from our August 1st gathering and picnic

Poster by James Walsh, Photo by unknown

10985659_10207172182439832_2661200316705348751_n 11168518_10207172176159675_2073926047129607968_n 11214718_10207172181799816_3250465174375355728_n 11694125_10207172179279753_7782837948709899827_n 11781745_10207172175639662_7646786854147892350_n

11796232_10207172173639612_220938286066588787_n 11800309_10207172174799641_5574848180558486226_n 11811292_10207172174319629_2786984819531756108_n 11824943_10207172179879768_3791502121577926398_n


All photos above taken by Mark Backhouse


DSC_1040 DSC_1007 DSC_1020 DSC_1071 DSC_1072 DSC_1073

Heather plants in Pomona, August 5th 2015

August 13th, Pomona Day
DSC_1301 DSC_1297 DSC_1249 DSC_1271 DSC_1282 DSC_1261 DSC_1248 DSC_1291 DSC_1085 DSC_1015 DSC_1082

DSC_1260 DSC_1305 DSC_1292

Above photos taken by Ash van Dyck, August 2015


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